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After reading Lane Wallace's "Unforgotable: My 10 Best Flights", it got me thinking about my 10 best flights...  So here is my personal list of Top 10 Most Memorable Flights...With any luck, I hope to replace at least one of these flights every year with something even more amazing!

10. Cedar key
Why: Awesome scenery ; short runway, Completely stick & rudder flying

9. Flight to White Plains
Why: Learned/realized the "Art of IFR" & experienced "IBM flight operations", which is beyond first class

8. GPS Skywriting
Why: Cool aviation exercise requiring clever planning & execution

7. Attempted Space shuttle viewing
Why: Cool aviation exercise and major weather flying

6. Aerobatic Training in a Zlin 

Why: Cool Aviation Exercise ; Learning the absolute essence of aerodynamics. 

5. Ribbon Cutting flight in a Piper Cub
Why: Cool aviation exercise, vintage airplane, met a fellow pilot/blogger.

4. Sedona flight
Why: Breathtaking scenery ; challenging airport to land

3. Scenic trip to M9
Why: First flight in Canada ; Rockies crossing ; Kelowna  & Alaska landings

2. NYC skyline flight
Why: Scenery ; childhood memories

1. Island Hopping in Hawaii (Part 1 & Part 2)
Why: Amazing Scenery ; Challenging Winds ; Completion of bucket list item. 

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