Flight Stats

I was so impressed with the improvements in Foreflight, I converted my entire paper logbook to digital.  Here are my latest stats: (as of 1/29/2019):

Total Countries: 9 (Bahamas, Botswana, Canada, Cayman Islands, France, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Zimbabwe)
Total US States: All 50!  (You can read about #50 here:

While wandering around, I have also come up with a number of favorite destinations along the way.  So I have created a custom map that shows both the places I have flown as well as my favorite airports.  So far I have landed in well over a 200 airports!

View TJ's Airport Log in a larger map 
Places I have been are simply blue pins.  Places that I would categorize as favorites are shown in some other icon:

  • The fuel pump icons, are fuel stops that I thought were particularly good.
  • The blue flags are particularly significant/memorable airports.
  • The burger/soda icons have casual restaurants right on the field. (These are usually particular favorites for my kids).
  • The fork/knife icon represents upscale restaurants on the field that I have enjoyed.
  • The airplane icon simply means that there was something (or multiple things) about that airport that I liked.

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