Sunday, September 16, 2018

Finding the Right Next Bird

Now that I am current and legal, the natural next step is find the right plane.  I have been "window shopping" for several months.  I briefly entertained the idea of getting a different type of plane... Maybe an aerobatic plane or a seaplane..  But in the end, the safety and comfort of the Cirrus just felt like the right way to go.

So here is the new bird:

While this looks just like my old Cirrus from the outside, it has some really major refinements, most notably the wild Perspective + Avionics, which you can see below:
I think it will take me some time to master this new flight deck.  But it is a really fun cockpit to experiment with :-)

Lisa and I picked up the plane this weekend in Tennessee under clear blue skies.

Fortunately Hurricane Florence had slowed down and given us the perfect window to escape.  We flew direct 4.5 hours form TN to NY and missed all of the weather!

Now we are ready for many more adventures!


== T.J.==

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