Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Final Departure Briefing

Today was our final briefing prior to departure for Botswana tomorrow morning.

First, we did a paperwork check including, waivers, agreements, insurance, etc. 

As you can see below, everyone was excited to finally have their South African Licenses physically in hand!
After the paperwork, we reviewed the entire proposed route, which as you can see below, took us from South Africa, to Botswana, Zimbabwe and back:
Nick and Christine did an amazing job in preparing a 2 inch prep binder that itemized every detail of the journey including charts, photos, radio freqs, etc.  Really, all we have to do is fly!  In addition, they also prepared rather thorough survival kits for each of the four airplanes. 
As you can see, Bruce was perhaps most impressed by how complete the survival kits were ;-)
So tomorrow morning, we will all be decked out in pilot shirts and epaulets for the first segment.  I am not sure if I will be able to post again until Monday June 17th.  But you may want to keep an eye on my twitter feed @TJFlying

== T.J.==

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