Thursday, October 4, 2012

Preparing to Cross the Next Border (Mexico)!

After my European excursion, I was looking forward to the next challenge, which will be crossing another border on the way to AOPA Summit in Palm Springs.

Once again, I enlisted the help of Thierry and Guillaume at Air Journey to help with the route planning and logistics.

Here is the routing, we came up with:

The first leg will be a 610 nm journey directly across the Gulf of Mexico to Merida, Mexico.  This will be my longest overwater leg to date!

In advance of this trip, I got everything prepared I could think of:

On the Plane: A fresh oil change and a quick trip to Lopresti in Sebastian for some long overdue adjustments on the Ice Skates made the plane ready... But to be sure I performed perhaps the most time consuming and thorough pre-flight ever! 

In the cockpit: I got my emergency gear ready, including PLB, life jacket.  If I can get one in time, I also hope to have a raft with me. In addition, the usual cadre of camera equipment and miscellaneous gadgets.

Paperwork: Thanks to Guillaume, I received an outstanding briefing pack with all the paperwork required by both US and Mexican governments. But more important than the bureaucratic paperwork, was Guillaume's detailed instructions, which included photos of what to expect as well as some unofficial commentary ;-)

Hopefully, the preparation will have been sufficient and I will be able to post a progress report on the trip sometime this weekend.

Stay Tuned...

== T.J.==

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