Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finally the storm has passed

Tropical Storm Debby finally passed most of the state of Florida yesterday!

I was very disappointed that I couldn't continue the seaplane training this past weekend.  Worse yet, the seaplane base is closed next weekend due to the Brown family vacation!  So that will need to wait till sometime in July.

After 3 days of not even seeing the sun, I decided to do a "normal" IFR flight to Ft Lauderdale.  The weather at both the departure and the destination looked reasonable .   But there were a couple of pesky lines of weather in the middle.  
Luckily, TS Debby was further north and weakening.  As such, winds aloft were only between 20 and 30 knots.

But I definitely had to work with Miami  ATC on several deviations along the way.  Usually my weather deviations tend to be laterally 10-20 degrees.  But today my track felt like a zig zag laterally and also had to change altitudes multiple times due to the military airspace in the area.

Most of the flight was totally smooth.  But I did have to bounce and weave through the one line, which you can see below:  
The weather on screen, was about 6 minutes old.  So the route on the screen looks crazy.  But the real clouds out the window had a nice break at ~ 6000 Ft and looked MUCH nicer!

After getting to the "other side" of the line, it was totally smooth sailing the rest of the way!

Dealing with the weather, and a very busy Miami Center on this trip, turned out to be a good practice flight in advance of next week's big IFR journey to the Cirrus Migration event!

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