Thursday, October 21, 2010

East Coast Journey (Day 0)

So tomorrow is really day 1 of the journey.  But tonight, was time for the flight planning.  My general sequence is usually as follows:
1 Weather 2 Route Selection 3 Airport/FBO selection

Then if time permits 4 Lodging 5 Ground Transport.  But if time doesn't permit getting to 4 or 5, I am usually happy to figure that out on the spot upon arrival.

1 Weather: The weather looks great!  I used to check weather using the ADDS.  But recently I started using the new AOPA Weather site, which I find a little better... (only wish it was available via iPhone app)

The weather is good but looks like it will be bumpy as I near the destination.  I will probably file IFR.  But the weather is good enough that I don't need to tomorrow + going VFR usually gives me better pictures... I will do one more check before departure and make the final VFR/IFR call tomorrow.

2. Route:  Tomorrow's route will be a short, easy one that I have flown many times:
KVDF > OCF > V441 > SSI > KRDU

Assuming no surprises, I should get there in time for dinner with family...

In addition, I hope to try making some R9 avionics video clips along the way.  (It will be "take 1"... So who knows how good it will turn out.)

3. Airport/FBO: Raleigh has 2 major FBOs, which is rather common at bigger airports.  Both are full service FBOs with all the amenities.  I think I will use TAC Air.  (Not any particular reason... I just had a good experience at the TAC Air in Lexington, KY a few weeks ago... thought I would give this one a try.)

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