Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trip to Lexington (State # 23)

In my ongoing quest to land in all 50 states, today I landed in state # 23!!

My routing, as shown below, was nearly direct... (other than a little maneuvering around a couple MOAs)
It has been ~ 3 weeks since my last IFR X-Country.  Fortunately, today's trip was rather 
uneventful.  The weather was near perfect (just a couple a broken cloud deck below me)

 ATC congestion was very light for most of the trip, which gave me plenty of time to take pix.

Here is really cool airport just northeast of Atlanta (KMLJ), which looked very cool from the air...
NOTE TO SELF: Need to come back and land here... Looks like an island or an aircraft carrier.

After Atlanta, time to cross to some small mountains (ok maybe hills)... But scenic either way!

Another cool airport (KRHP) in a valley between two ridges.  Looks like it could be quite challenging 
to land there in weather.

As I got close to Lexington, it became surprisingly crowded and didn't really have time to take pix. 
I found out later that it was due to a horse show in town this week.

The inside of the FBO was really first class including both decor and service.

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