Friday, September 17, 2010

Trip Home from Chicago to Tampa (States 24 & 25)

Finished work early... Now time to go home from Chicago... I just couldn't resist taking a slight detour to land in 2 new states.

The route is show below and includes a quick lunch in Iowa and an even quicker stop in Missouri.

But this makes state # 25!!!

Weather was CAVU after getting above the cloud deck... (But quite bumpy below that)
I expected the midwest to have lots of farmland... But didn't expect all the windmills... Who knew how green 
IL would be!!

The mighty Mississippi River really didn't look that grand in Iowa.  (Way cooler in  Louisiana)
Burlington, IA was an awesome find... Great little airport, multiple instrument approaches and 
even a really cool local restaurant walking distance from the airport... (Hearty lunch of 
Iowa corn-fed beef really hits the spot)
Beleive it or not, Burlington is a commercial airport.  The airport terminal was incredibly small! ... Notice the baggage claim area that serves all 4 commercial
flights that arrive here daily from Chicago and St Louis.
Onward to the next stop (next state) Hannibal, Missouri (STATE # 25!!!)
On the way to Hannibal, Mo, a really cool bridge crossing the Mississippi.
No matter state you land in, always some cool planes to see... This was the towplane used by the 
local flight school to for sailplane lessons.
OK enough detours... Really, really time to go home now... Cruising @ 17500 FT... With oxygen and a really nice tailwind!  Almost Home!!!

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