Sunday, September 26, 2010

Angel Flight This Week

This week I flew a particularly memorable Angel Flight!

As with all of my Angel flights, I never take pictures en route.  So this post will not have my usual airborne scenery/pix.  This is mostly out of courtesy to the patients/passengers.  These folks are often going through the toughest times of their lives and I wouldn't want to make them uncomfortable in any way...

On this trip, I transported a very brave, young man, who suffered from cystic hygroma.  I never heard of this condition prior to this flight.  It is a form of birth defect that has numerous very painful symptoms.  My passenger needed to go for "another round" of facial reconstructive surgery at Arkansas Children's Hospital.  His condition was so severe that he could not eat solid food.  Instead, for the majority of his life, he has been feeding himself by syringe and IV directly into his stomach.  Despite all of his challenges in life, I was struck by how positive and upbeat his attitude was!  (Hopefully, someday soon he will be able to eat a regular meal!!)

I flew him from Leesburg, FL to Meridian, MS, which is ~ halfway, and met up with another Angel Flight pilot that completed the journey to Little Rock.

The portion of the the route I flew is shown below:

These AF trips are by far my most important flights!!

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