Since 2005, I have primarily flown 3 aircraft.  The first was somewhat of a jalopy.  Like most student pilots, I was renting a Cessna 172 (N-727NC).  This plane had absolutely NO frills (NO Glass cockpit, NO traffic, NO satellite weather, NO satellite radio) ... Just old fashioned six-pack round dials and a new squawk on almost every flight!

Notice the vintage early 70s paint scheme and the door that never seemed to close properly.

After getting my PPL in 2005, I purchased my first plane,which was a Cirrus SR-20 G2.  Compared to the Cessna, this was luxury!  It had the Avidyne R7 flight deck with dual Garmin 430s, satellite weather/radio, etc(Everything important except traffic)... I flew ~ 400 hours on this plane and got my instrument rating on it.  It was an excellent first plane. 

In 2009, I stepped up to a Cirrus SR-22 GTS Turbo.  This plane is equipped with the Avidyne R9 platinum flight deck, which is absolutely amazing!  This plane is also the perfect X-Country machine.  With A/C, deicing equipment, built-in oxygen, and a very powerful turbo, I can reliably accomplish most missions.

Who knows what the next aircraft will be ;-)

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