Saturday, June 8, 2013

Off to the Okavango Delta...

We are about to leave the Haina Kalahari Lodge.  We have had a wonderful 2 days here with lots of animal sightings, such as impalas, kudus, warthogs, etc.  Tons of pictures as you can imagine, such as this one:
This lodge really surprised me.  Despite being in a very remote area, the lodge was "very comfortable", as you can see below:
Most of our game drives where in a Land Cruiser and like any civilized game drive, we took breaks along the way:
In addition to animal spotting, we also got a first hand tour from some local bushman, who showed us a little glimpse of their way of life:
Now it is time to jump into the planes and head further north to the Okavango Delta:

== T.J.==

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  1. While looking at your photo of the lodge, my first thought was that it reminded me of the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World. My second thought was that I was ashamed by my ridiculous first thought! :-)

    Thanks for continuing to share your adventure!


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