Monday, March 18, 2013

CPPP Lakeland and a surprise Formation Flight

Sorry that it has been quite a while since my last post.  I have been flying as much as usual.  Unfortunately, I have been too busy to write about it.

I aspire to change that going forward in the coming weeks/months...

A couple of weeks ago, I had a particularly great weekend of flight.  I did the Cirrus recurrent training, which is known as CPPP in Lakeland.  I have done this program several times before and I am always amazed at how much "new stuff" I get out of it each time.  But this time the real treat was before the actual training began...

As I was about to leave for the airport for the short ride from Tampa to Lakeland, Rich, who is a personal friend and instructor (Rich) called me and asked if I wanted to join him and a couple of other instructors for lunch.

Naturally, all pilots love the proverbial $100 hamburger!  So we met for lunch at Ocala.  During lunch, Rich suggested that we do a formation flight on the way back to Lakeland.

Now this is NOT a typical casual conversation amongst my usual pilot buddies that I fly with.

Aside from me, we had 2 Cirrus planes, 3 professional Cirrus instructors and 2 of the instructors were former military jet pilots!  (It was rather cool to see the Marine and the Air Force Airman cooperating like that!!)

So on the way here is a short clip of what I did:
I say "I did" because I was really sitting left seat and doing the flying with Rich sitting in the right and guiding me like a teleprompter.

It was such a cool experience, that I am now determined to go do some more formal training on formation flying!

== T.J.==


  1. TJ, hopefuly I don't sound like a dick by offering a couple of ideas for improvement...
    #1 prop in the logo rotates in the opposite direction of the shape of the blades, is that ok?
    #2 it appears that the audio is right channel only

  2. @ザイツェヴ: Hmmm... thx 4 the suggestions!
    1. The logo may not be mechanically precise... I just thought looked cool that way!
    2. The audio I must have made some mistake while rendering.... (But not sure how to fix)

  3. Fun! Nothing like a little formation flight every now and then - I love doing that in the Cub/T-Craft.

    FYI - audio seems to be working in both channels on my PC.


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