Saturday, July 14, 2012

My First Four Legged Passenger

Until today, all of my passengers were people.  But today was a long overdue flight... I loaded up my first four legged passenger (Tris) in preparation for takeoff.

The route was rather simple (Ft Lauderdale to Tampa).  However, there were a bunch of clouds surrounding Ft Lauderdale around departure time.

I filed a quick IFR flight plan with the full intention of canceling it as soon as I was above the clouds.

I was a little nervous about how Tris would react to the noise of the engine powering up on takeoff.  But he did totally fine.  In fact, shortly after takeoff, he and his little purple bunny were fascinated by the clouds:

Tris was a very helpful co-pilot and even pointed out a very photo worthy cloud formation that looked like a heart.
Heart shaped cloud formation
After all the excitement of the flight, both Tris and his purple bunny were exhausted and fell right asleep!


  1. Love the crew shot at the end.....they look like they really had to work hard. After every good hard working day one needs to sleep it off.

  2. WOW! I can hardly DRIVE with my lab in the back seat. way to go for FLYING with a dog! Hope you didn't let him in the cockpit...


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