Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Journey to Cirrus Migration 10

Every year, the annual Cirrus Migration Fly-In/Convention has become a tradition for me and each year I try do something unusual "on the way".

Last year, I made Alaska on the way to Cirrus Migration 9 in Colorado Springs.  This year migration 10 is being held in Duluth,MN, at birthplace of Cirrus and I decided to make Mackinac Island "on the way".

But first, I kicked off my journey by heading south to the Coldplay concert at the American Airlines Arena in Miami with a friend :-)

Then On Saturday morning, I started heading north at a very leisurely pace and stopped in Tampa for lunch and Atlanta for dinner.  As you can see, flight plans often revolve around meals ;-)

After a quick overnight in Atlanta, I headed straight to Mackinac Island.  This is a little island on the northern tip of Michigan in between Lake Superior and Lake Huron.  It is like going back in time because there NO motorized vehicles allowed on the island and they use horse drawn carriages as taxis.  However, they did have a small airport so at least the motorized Cirrus was allowed ;-)

The arrival was rather scenic as you can see below:

After a couple of days of exploring the island (mostly on bicycle),  I was able to get a bunch of cool pix on the ground and in the air:
My fav pic from the air
My fav pic from the ground
Today, I finished the final leg of the journey to Duluth.

The total route of the whole journey to M10 is shown below:

Only 2 days till M10 officially starts!

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  1. Mackinac Island was one of our favorite airplane trips. There's just something about going from aircraft to horse drawn taxi that I found very appealing. I hope you enjoyed your visit. It's good to see from your video that the runway rehabilitation appears to be complete. Have great time in Duluth!


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