Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Skydiver Sighting

This week I had a rather routine flight up the East Coast.  I needed to be in New York and with near perfect weather, it was a gr8 excuse to practice some "NY big city" flying.  The first leg was the totally uneventful.  From a pilot's perspective, "uneventful" is usually good.  But this flight was"excessively peaceful"!

The routing was direct @17k FT.  The skies were clear and I didn't even see a single cloud!  In addition, there was very little traffic in the air, which meant even the usual  ATC chatter was mostly silence. In fact, the biggest excitement during the whole flight was changing radio stations! 

I stopped @ Triangle North, which is a cool, little  airport just outside of Raleigh.  What makes it cool you ask? 

That would be the skydivers that were landing between the windsock and the runway I was landing on!

As soon as I was clear of the active runway, I stopped on a taxiway just in time to catch one of them landing in this video clip:

Seeing these skydivers in action, as well as the King Air "bus" that took them up, brought back some very fond college memories for me when I did a bunch of jumps in NJ & PA.  

Hmmm... Wonder if my Contour camera would survive a jump? Wait! Scratch that!!   What am I thinking ... Still way more adventures on my bucket list from the cockpit!!!


  1. Good stuff. Glad to hear your back...
    I flew a "pilot and paws" mission down to Virginia (KXSA) to pick up some dogs and bring them to the NYC area. I found really cheap 100LL ($4.92), you should check it out next time you're up here!

  2. @Michael: Thanks 4 the tip.. Will have to give KXSA a try!


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