Monday, November 7, 2011

Grounded for a couple of weeks

You are probably wondering why I haven't posted anything recently.... Well I am sort of grounded for a couple of weeks.

No.... I didn't get some type of suspension from the FAA!

Actually, I have been in Beijing for work and spending most of my time in this funky looking building:

This building is right next to the "bird's nest", which the world saw during the olympics:

While the history and architecture of the city is amazing, I have felt grounded/punished for a couple of reasons:
1. Facebook is blocked here 
2. Twitter is blocked here
3. Youtube is blocked here
4. Google blogger seems to be blocked sometimes... (Still haven't figured out why .. But since it is working now, I thought I would quickly toss up a post)

I am told that there are temporary workarounds to these issues, which are common knowledge, but it is still hugely inconvenient!

While I have been here, I have been playing with the nflightcam+ and think I have it finally figured out.  So when I get home next week, I plan to go on a "training" flight to shake off some rust and try my hand at making a new type of video.

== T.J.==


  1. Is that the "Squiggle" building? Sure looks like it!

  2. nope,,, every site is open here,,,, you want to go through facebook,youtube,twitter,,,,, email me,,,, i would help you ,,, i am in china too but i am from nepal ,,,i do surf every site,,


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