Thursday, September 22, 2011

X-Country to NJ

After my trip to Texas over the gulf, I unexpectedly had a short trip to Beijing for work last week, which meant I have been "grounded" for a few days.

But I made up for it this week with a rather challenging X-Country to NJ.  This time no fuel drama!  In fact, it started with an uneventful first leg from Tampa, FL > Duplin County, NC for the usual cheap gas and gr8 hospitality. The weather was excellent in Florida with clear blue skies.  Luckily all the nasty weather was off to my right, which you can see in the screenshot below:

The second leg is where it started to get interesting.

In the past, I have found that dealing with ATC anywhere near NY is usually an intense experience filled with rapid radio work and frequent "changes".  Some "changes" are welcome ... But most are just frustrating.  So I prepared myself mentally for this leg.

As far as a flight plan, I didn't even bother trying to pick any specific route.  Using  FlightAware, I filed a simple IFR flight plan, which showed direct KDPL > KMMU, with 2 hours ETE @ 15000 FT. The weather in NJ didn't look too bad (calm winds and  ~ 2500 FT ceiling) and I was hoping to land before dark.

Once airborne, I was quickly cleared up to 15 thousand ; direct SBY.  Once I leveled off, I was pleasantly surprised to find a 20 kt tailwind!

As expected, Washington Center gave me a reroute within minutes of reaching 15k FT.

By northeast standards, it was a very simple reroute (only 2 fixes & 2 victor airways).  You can see how easy entering this type of change into R9 is in the video clip below:


As I got close to Philadelphia, I was vectored lower and directly over the airport, which resulted in some great views
Philly Airport
Some Cool looking bridge near PHL
After I finished gawking at the scenery in Philly, I realized it was starting to get darker and cloudier... So much for my simple flight!

I was looking forward to flying the Route 80 Visual Approach because it flew directly over my old high school!  Instead, I flew the  last 75 miles in solid IMC and ended up flying the ILS23 into a night landing at MMU!

For some reason I was way left of centerline... But luckily the enormous runway, which usually caters to jets, was quite forgiving!  Some people only post their "greasers".  

But I am happy to share my "less than graceful" landing in the clip below:


As some of you know, I have been experimenting with new camera equipment.  On this approach, I had my usual 2 Canon cameras (which I love!) + the new "NFlightcam+" (which I am undecided on).  Unfortunately, I couldn't make the  story teller software work.  So the video above is from my old equipment.

I have high hopes of wrestling with the Nflightcam software soon.  To be fair, it is probably "pilot error".

But I will keep u posted on how that goes...


  1. If that's what you call bad... ;-)

    Nice video, always nice to see those lights in front of you in the dark!

  2. Great video. MMU is my home base, very cool to see an instrument approach at night. Thanks and keep up the great posts.

  3. Flew right over my office! I am just east of DQO (on V29), located at the twin bridges on the Delaware River, south of Philly.

    Good videos! I wish my other than greaser's were that good!


  4. Thanks guys! Hopefully, if I can figure out the nflightcam+, the videos will get even better...


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