Monday, August 15, 2011

Heading home after Migration

After a packed few days in Colorado Springs, it was time to head home on Sunday.  However, this time no scenic route ... (Direct Colorado Springs to Tampa Executive with a quick turn at one of my regular fuel stops in Tallulah, LA)

Migration was a great way for me to meet (and reacquaint with) fellow cirrus pilots from around the country. Of course, there were also a few cool, new products to see as well.

While I definitely learned a few things, the highlight of the trip was a flight that I took with Trip Taylor.  His plane was outfitted with the new R9 synthetic vision and he was gracious enough to allow me to tag along on one of his demo flights.  The R9 "Syn Vis" is not yet certified, but Trip's plane has been reclassified as "experimental" in order to keep the plane flying legally.

Because of all the terrain nearby, Colorado Springs was a perfect place to demo "Syn Vis".

The flight was a bit bumpy ... But I was able to put a short video clip together, which you can see below:

Overall, I was very impressed with how seamless the "Syn Vis" was incorporated into the R9 platform.  Much to my surprise, it was not distracting at all!  As soon as it gets certified, I am eager to load up the  software on my plane.
After this journey, I am now @ 48 states!  (Only New Mexico and Hawaii left)

I have also started to think about what comes after the 50th state... (Maybe Canadian Provinces, Caribbean islands, or possibly other types of aircraft/ratings)  

Let me know if you have any suggestions??


  1. Personally I would go for the Caribbean islands...but the real question I'm sure everyone reading this blog is itching to ask is: how the hell are you going to fly to Hawaii!! :-)

  2. :-) I haven't quite figured out Hawaii yet... (But that will surely be whole post of it's own)



  4. Not really crazy about modifying the plane to become a flying fuel tank ... But I actually know the pilot (John Fiscus), who wrote that blog post. He was VERY helpful.


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