Saturday, July 30, 2011

White Plains & NYC Skyline

I spent this week in NY, specifically in White Plains, which is just on the northern edge of the New York Class B airspace frenzy.  But more importantly, it is also the home of IBM Flight Operations.  The IBM fleet consists of a number of aircraft, including Gulfstream 550s, Falcon 200s and even helicopters.  As you can imagine, they have an enormous hanger to house this little fleet.

As you can see above, I was lucky in enough to arrange a tiny corner of the hanger to call home for the week.  In the photo below, you can see me with the CEO's G550 in the background.
Actually, the G550 is such an enormous and impressive plane, that my Cirrus could have fit under the wing.

Even more than the aircraft, the IBM Flight Operations staff are really impressive!  They have several dozen staff on the crew and they run a "mini airline" with everything from full maintenance, avionics work, to catering, planning, dispatch etc.  The entire crew showed me some incredible hospitality this week, which I truly appreciate!

The night before my trip home, I wanted to do a "fly-by" of the NYC skyline along the Hudson River.  I had read about this scenic route in numerous magazines and was eager to experience it firsthand.  There is an FAA procedure that has been established for this route that is very simple to follow.

Even though the procedure is not complicated, I went with a friend (Steve), who is a local pilot.  This gave me a safety pilot on board.  In addition, it gave me an extra set of eyes for traffic and another photographer on board.

You can see a couple of the pix below:

In addition, I setup a video camera on the left side which captured some good shots of the skyline.  (You can see for yourself in the video clip below:

If you have the opportunity to try the Hudson Corridor, I highly recommend it... The camera simply doesn't do it justice!



  1. Good stuff TJ, glad you had a good time in NYC!
    Another thing you can do next time is fly this thing in Class B @ 1500ft. This way you can actually overfly Manhattan @ Central park and switch from the Hudson river to East river southbound. It is also very impressive as you will be at approx. the same altitude as the empire state (~1500ft).
    How long did it take you to fly from FL?
    I want to fly down to FL at some point next year to get my seaplane and see if I can do some Bahamas Island hoping :-)

  2. Thanks Michael!... (Gr8 Idea to try next time) Took me 6 hours on the hobbs to get home... If you do a seaplane rating in FL, Jack Brown's seaplane base in Winter Haven is THE place to do it ... I have considered it also.

  3. Hey thanks for the recommendation TJ@ I had googled Jack Brown's website before and now that you are recommending it, I'll definitively go with them when I'm ready!
    This is why I love blogs like yours! Cheers!

  4. I am looking forward to our flight together in November. Check out my stories on the NYC skyline. I outline my procedure for picking up the clearances to overfly Central Park the east river Newark Airport etc.

  5. @Mike: I definitely read ur posts on this topic .... In fact, it is what motivated me try this!

  6. Great photos! Flying the Chicago shoreline route last summer was awesome - I can't wait to fly the NYC skyline someday.

    Very nice hook-up being able to use the IBM hangar, too.


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