Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cirrus CDM Seminar in Hilton Head

The Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association periodically hosts a seminar called the Critical Decision Making (CDM).  I had heard of them before... But today I attended my first one!

The seminar was held in Hilton Head, which I flew to just a couple of weeks ago.  I usually don't go back to the same destination that often.  However, I have come to the conclusion that flying along the east coast is so scenic that it never gets boring! In addition, since this was a safety seminar, it was also worth the journey.

The program started at 10 AM and I had high hopes of getting there a bit early (~9-9:30AM).  Unfortunately, that didn't exactly happen.

After my trip to California this week, I guess I was recovering from a bit of jet lag and couldn't resist hitting the snooze bar a couple of times.  After a late start, and some unexpected ATC vectoring,  I leveled off at 16k FT and realized that something didn't feel right.  I quickly realized that the right door was slightly ajar!!  You can see for yourself in the clip below:

While this was really no big deal, I did find it quite ironic that I had a situation that required some decision making en-route to a safety seminar about decision making!

Eventually, I arrived at Hilton Head @ 10:05AM and was marshaled into a primo parking spot right in front of the building where the seminar was held.  There were a couple of dozen other Cirrus pilots, several of whom I knew through the COPA website but never met in person.  It is always interesting meeting someone in person who you already sort of "know" through their writing/posts/web presence.

The actual seminar was fantastic!  Trip Taylor did an excellent job (as usual) as the moderator.  I learned several very insightful tidbits from Trip as well as the other attendees and didn't even notice the 4 hours go by! 

In a way it felt like a warm up for next weekend, which is the CPPP (Cirrus Pilot Proficiency Program) in Atlanta.  The CPPP is an intensive, full weekend recurrent training program that I have decided to make an annual tradition.

As part of CPPP, I am planning to video some of my flight training.  Not sure exactly how that will go... But stay tuned to find out!!


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