Monday, May 30, 2011

Breakfast with the Boys

With a day off from school (for my sons) and work (for me), we were determined to make the most of the long weekend.  So between pool, bowling, swimming and a bunch of other activities, it felt like quite a marathon.  Of course no long weekend is complete without a flight.  So this morning, on our last day off, we decided to fly to Ocala for boys only breakfast.  

We got to the airport ~ 8AM and it was already starting to get hot.  I knew the afternoon would be scorching hot on the tarmac.  But I didn't realize how hot it would be this early in the day.

As I conducted my preflight, with varying levels of interest from the boys, I found it interesting how my three sons approached the preflight with such different attitudes.  

Jackson (my soon to be 8 yo) was mostly uninterested.  In fact, he even made sure I called the airport in advance so that the line crew would pull the plane out of the hanger and in front of the terminal.  Apparently, he finds the hanger (and even the preflight) a waste of his valuable time. Hmmm, not sure how to overcome that with him...

Preston (my soon to be 7 yo) was much more interested and followed me around the plane like my shadow.  I was quite impressed when he reminded to check the "flappers" so that "we could land safely".  

Colin (my youngest @ 4 yo) was mostly interested in riding around in a golf cart to go look for unusual airplanes. Guess I can't blame him... I like doing that too!!

After preflight and the "debate" over who should sit in the front, we finally took off with the older 2 boys in the back. 
As you can see they didn't mind (especially after they realized the A/C works nicely back there).
We all cruised along trying to outdo each other with who could take the best (and goofiest) pictures.
But Colin seem to be the most pleased since he got to be my copilot.  With the booster seat, he can see perfectly and is always very involved in helping me find the runway and looking for traffic.
Colin also wanted to make sure I posted his "best" picture, which you can see below.  It is our "Good Luck Gecko"

After we landed at Ocala, I realized that the on field restaurant, the Tailwinds Cafe was closed due to the holiday!!  But luckily, Cindy @ Landmark Aviation saved the day and gave us crew car.  After a quick IHOP stop, we were back to the airport and ready to head home.  But before we left, I had to take one last picture with the Ocala jockeys that are about Colin's height.
Notice the jet in the background that both father and sons were drooling over!

By that time we were ready for departure, my 4 yo copilot was exhausted and more than happy to snooze in the back seat for the ride home.



  1. Love the logo on the airplane!

    Great flight with the kiddos, sounds like you had a great holiday weekend with the family.

  2. Thanks Steve! Just got the logo a couple of weeks ago...

  3. Wow, very cool. I haven't really seen you in forever. Great pics and I too love the logo.


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