Saturday, April 23, 2011

Local Flightseeing in Tampa Bay

As often happens with pilots, I am often focused on some destination.   However, this morning I truly had no destination and thought it would be a lazy Saturday morning.

But a friend of mine (Kevin) was in town and wanted to do some sightseeing in Tampa Bay.  Since I am always looking for an excuse to fly, I offered to take him for a flight and he quickly jumped at the offer! 

Kevin is also a pilot.  But he flies a VERY different kind of plane.  He says he "doesn't own one (YET).. But usually rents a Remos light sport aircraft or an ancient Cessna".  He was so excited to fly in the Cirrus (and even more excited to press as many buttons as I would let him on the R9)!

We got a leisurely start on the day and took off on runway 5 @ Tampa Executive Airport into a very typical, clear blue FL sky.  After climbing runway heading and clearing the class B airspace shelf, we leveled off @ 4500 FT.  With everything stabilized and trimmed out, I let Kevin take the controls for a bit.  He did quite well and gave me the opportunity to setup some camera equipment.

With both cameras setup and ready, I took the controls again and called Tampa Approach requesting the typical Class B clearance.  In Tampa, the preferred route is an East to West Transition @ 3500 directly over Tampa International.  This is a wonderful routing because it takes you adjacent to Tampa Downtown and points you directly to Clearwater Beach. (A better view could not have been planned by a travel agent)

Here is a slide show of some of the pix along the way:

After we had our fill of pictures, we made a quick stop for breakfast @ the Flightline Grill @ Bartow Airport and then made our way back to Tampa Executive.

Despite not having any real destination, we certainly enjoyed the views and the journey today!!



  1. Great pictures. I laughed about the countless instrument approaches at PIE. Thats where I'm doing my instrument training at right now. I also flew just for fun no destination this weekend. Just one of those nice days you can't pass up. Gotta love living and flying in Florida.


  2. Awesome...hope I get a chance to fly with you soon, TJ.


  3. Hi! Just discovered your blog, looking forward to checking it out. Hope to get the time and financial means to explore the wonders of flying myself soon...

  4. Is there any better way to spend a saturday morning? I think not! Sounds like a great day of flying, wish we had that wx in the north east.


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