Friday, January 28, 2011

Logo Update and a crowded night sky

First, I'd like to say THANK YOU for all of the feedback on the logos (especially those of you who went out of your way to email me constructive feedback)

I am pleased to say we have a winner!  Surprisingly, it is not one of the four that were up for vote.  It is actually a new submission that arrived just a couple of hours before the competition ended and miraculously seemed to address suggestions that 2 readers emailed me about!!

Unfortunately, I can't show it to you yet.  I have to work out the technical/legal details before I post it.  (But trust me it is coming very soon!!)

I was so pleased at the logo results, I thought it was good reason to celebrate and go for a flight tonight... (OK that was just an excuse....But you probably figured that out.)

While several of my friends and family are still bundled up in the Northeast, the weather in Tampa was excellent.  Afternoon temps were in the mid 60s and not a cloud in sight.  I got to the airport after work and took off at approximately sunset. The plan was to fly VFR @ 6500 direct to Flagler County Airport, which has a cool restaurant at the field called Hijackers.

As expected, the views at this time of day are beautiful:

What I did not expect was all the other pilots that apparently had the same thought as me.  The Orlando and Daytona approach frequencies were both very crowded.  In addition, as I was descending to the GPS 24 approach @ XFL, the traffic sensors started to go wild.  At one point, I saw 7 targets on the screen within 10 miles of me and the approach controller gave up on calling out traffic.  Here is what the screen looked like:
Luckily, the Daytona approach controllers had all the traffic orchestrated quite well.  I got a couple of simple vectors over the water and had a "slow motion landing" with ~ 15 knot headwind directly lined up to the runway.  The tower controller seemed to read my mind and guided me instinctively right to Hijackers, where I parked next to a long row of other transient planes.  After a quick dinner, it was time for the trip home.  I took a slight detour near Disney and was able to get a bird's eye view of the last couple of minutes of their nightly fireworks.  At that point, I concluded that all those other pilots had the right idea... It was a great night for a flight!!!



  1. I have yet to take the Lance up at night and get my currency back. I think I just need to get it done. I love flying at night.
    Nice little hop. Did you go alone?

  2. I have new found appreciation for the night! This trip I was alone... (Wife and kids had a play date)


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