Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blimp Takeoff

When I got to the airport this morning, I realized that I arrived at just the perfect time!  Why u ask?  Well I arrived ~ 9:05AM and the Met Life Blimp was planning to depart @ 9:00 AM.  I got there just in time to see my first blimp takeoff!! (Actually, I think they call it a "launch" not a takeoff)

Either way, it was nothing like I expected... As you may know, blimps don't actually get parked.  Instead, they get tied to a giant mobile tower that is ~ 25 FT tall.  When it is time to land or depart, the crew, which consists of 3 trailers of gear and ~ dozen guys jump into action.  This morning @ ~ 9AM, I saw one of the crew climb up the pole to detach the blimp.  As I was watching, I almost forgot to take pix.  Then I realized my camera was in my pocket. 
Yes! They really do it this way!!
After seeing the blimp get pulled into position by the crew, then I managed to capture the takeoff on video. 

It's getting late now... So will have to tell you (and show you) about today's flight tomorrow night.

== T.J.==


  1. So I take it, when blimp is parked, it is free to rotate around the pole according to the wind, right? Or is it moored at several points?

  2. Pete,

    U r exactly right! The front of the blimp is attached to the pole. Then it is free to rotate at the mercy of the wind.


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