Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cruising in a Cardinal

I recently got a chance to fly right seat in my friend Anupam's Cardinal RG (N29LK).   His home base is the Plant City Airport, which I had not been to in a long time.  In fact, the last time was years ago as a student pilot to practice landings.Here is a picture of the plane:

I immediately noticed a couple of cool things about the plane...
1. A spiffy, new paint job, which made it look sharp
2. On this model, there are NO wing struts, which made for some great views.
3. It has retractable gear! 
and finally 4. The cockpit, which started out life as a standard 6-pack had been upgraded to include a Garmin 530, and a GTX 330 transponder.  In addition, Anupam's standard procedures also included his Garmin 496 handheld attached to the yoke for weather and the iPad strapped to his knee-board for most everything else!

Here we are right before takeoff.  The picture was taken by Goga, who is a friend visiting from Ohio that is also a student pilot.  Today he was sitting in the back seat scrutinizing every detail (and probably taking mental notes of the 2 crazy pilots in the front seats). 

This was  a beautiful day to fly in FL (not a cloud in the sky anywhere.)  The plan was to do some airwork, fly over to Venice Airport for breakfast and then a leisurely trip back to Plant City.
Being in the right seat gave me a chance to experiment with some photo and video equipment techniques. 

During takeoff, I used an app called Flyvie on my iPhone4.  This product sounds promising... According to their website, the app captures video from the iPhone4 as well as corresponding GPS data at the time of recording.  This data can then be viewed or shared with their viewer.  In theory it sounds great.  Unfortunately, I was not able to get their software to work.  I will keep tinkering with it and post an update if I get it figured out.  To be fair, it might be user error ;-)
On to Venice,  where Anupam, who just passed his instrument check-ride, did a nice job in shooting the RNAV GPS 31 approach.  See for yourself:

After a quick bite at the Suncoast Cafe, we took a leisurely route back to Plant City.

We all had a great time and discussed the next adventure, which might be "formation flying".  Not really sure how to do it yet.  But stay tuned... When I figure it out, I will explain it to you.

== T.J.==


  1. Dude! You got the audio working in the video great! Awesome job


  2. Thanks! (Now that I know how... I have a backlog of aerial video projects planned)... MUCH more to come!!


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