Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend with zero Hobbs

This past weekend, I logged a total of ZERO hours on the hobbs.  But had a really good reason...  A close family friend got married this weekend in Cancun and I couldn't miss it.  It was the first "destination wedding" that I ever attended.... (I am SO GLAD I WENT)
Unfortunately, I flew Continental (instead of in the cockpit):
I flew commercial not because of the distance/time or schedule.  But rather, I was simply uncomfortable dealing with the complexities of international flight into Mexico. (Perhaps next time). The plane was a 737-900 with a relatively new interior and even had individual seat videos in coach!

Upon arrival in Cancun, the party atmosphere of Cancun was totally evident.  Other than the slot machines in the Las Vegas airport, there are few other airports that I can think of that embody the spirit of the location as this:
After an incredible weekend and 7 wedding related events (gotta love those Indian weddings even in Mexico), I flew home to the typical overflowing inbox. 

Now (end of day Tuesday and finally caught up), I am back home and start to wonder ... How hard can it be to fly to Mexico?  (Would a gulf crossing be appropriate/safe??) What do u think???


  1. It sounds like you had a great adventure! Next time... you must fly your plane. You might be surprised how easy it is... or end up in a foreign jail. Either way... a great adventure.
    Glad you have fun!

  2. It was a gr8 adventure... Will definitely try international flying soon (hopefully sans jail)


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