Friday, November 5, 2010

Things u "find" at an airport

I was just planning a simple, local joyride.  With camera in hand (or at least in my pocket), I started to pull the Cirrus out of the hanger. The entrance and parking lot were both empty.  Even the ramp, which I could see from the road "looked" empty.  However, the ramp was definitely NOT empty.

Check out the slide show below to see what I "found" on the ramp instead.

After sufficiently gawking at the B-17, and of course BSing with a couple of loitering pilots, I did manage to squeeze in a short flight.  The mission on this day was to try videoing the R9 cockpit during a GPS approach. Unfortunately, the lighting did not cooperate.  There was a huge glare directly on the screen.  While it looked fine to me from the left seat with my sunglasses on, the camera just didn't like it.  It was a real shame... because I flew the GPS 36 @ Zephyr Hills exactly as published and even pressed every R9 button "just right" for the camera.  (Oh well, I will have to retry soon)

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