Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Short Trip to Orlando

Today, I needed to meet with a colleague in Orlando.  While I could have done this meeting on the phone, the weather in FL today was just beautiful and it was a good excuse to go flying.  Since  the kids (and Anita) had plans tonight with their Aunt Kim, it was also a good excuse to go late in the day and do some landing practice on the way back.
So off I went to Orlando (actually Kissimmee Airport) to do the meeting in person...  The flight was a very short flight (maybe 20 mins)... But it was an unusual flight... I had a very friendly Orlando Approach controller, who let me fly right through the "Disney restricted airspace".  This allowed me to get some really good pix of some very well known Disney attractions. A couple of them are shown here:

After flying the GPS15 approach into Kissimmee (and trying hard NOT to get distracted by all of the sights), I arrived at the Signature FBO.  This FBO had a rather cool building layout,which you see here:

You pull your plane right up under their giant portico and line guys quickly appear to help you out... So nice to get in the shade on a hot FL day.

I ended up wrapping up work a bit earlier than I expected.  Just in time for a sunset departure and quick trip home. The ride home was totally smooth and peaceful.  I tried to "swing by" Disney for some more pix... But ATC was a bit busier and less cooperative this time.  However, I did get a couple of good sunset pix.  See for yourself:

The trip was so short, that before I knew it, it was time to get ready for final approach and landing.  It was a bit unusual because there was a "putt-putt Cessna" (as described by the pilot) in front of me.  As a result, I had to fly the slowest approach I have ever attempted.  When I realized it would not be my typical approach, I decided to video the landing... See for yourself:


  1. I heard you had a bad experience at KHOE... Sorry for giving you that recommendation, it HAD been my favorite FL-bound fuel/lunch stop! I went back to their AirNav page and saw several months ago there was a new mayor in town with a distinctly anti-airport viewpoint, like a mini version of Chicago's mayor Daley. Gone is the at-cost avgas & jet-a and brand new pumps, old cop car to drive into town in, and internet access in the building! I did see some people landed and called Jimbo's BBQ and they came out and brought them over to eat, but without the fuel its not worth it. I don't know what it cost the town to maintain those things, but I'm sure it paid for itself, as this had been a very popular food&fuel destination. They would get hundreds of landings just for Sun-n-Fun! Hopefully they realize what losing their airport facilities does and fix it back up.

  2. No worries Bob... (Just a minor unplanned detour along the journey.)


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