Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Brunch in Marco Island

This morning was a great a little getaway for brunch with friends to Marco Island Executive Airport (KMKY).  This is a very short trip from Tampa (just under an hour) ... But such a scenic destination that it is definitely worth the trip.

The plan was for Anita (my wife) and I to meet our friends (B.U. and Jyoti) at the airport @ ~ 8:15.  Anita and I arrived a few minutes early so that I could begin my usual preflight checks.  Normally, when I fly alone, I enjoy the process of pulling the plane out of the hanger with the golf cart.  There is a certain "zen" in the routine of preparing your plane for flight, which I rather enjoy.  But when I have passengers, I usually call ahead to the FBO and have them pull the plane directly in front of the terminal.  Anita tells me that passengers really like this "VIP" treatment. 

When we arrived, the line guys had parked the plane just a few feet from the terminal door and even had a red carpet positioned in just the right place.
TJ,Anita, Jyoti, and BU (Almost ready for departure)

This was the first time I had taken BU and Jyoti for a flight and surprisingly neither of them were nervous at all.  In fact, BU seemed almost itching to fly himself. (Who knows maybe after today someone else has caught the bug)

The west coast of FL is really quite scenic and I was determined to give my passengers plenty of photo opps.  So shortly after takeoff, I got a clearance into the Class B, overflew Tampa International, then took the following leisurely route:

We got plenty of great pix... Unfortunately, I don't have them yet because they are still on B.U.'s camera.  (His camera is way more professional than mine, so I am sure a few must have come out quite good.) Hopefully, I will get them soon and be able to post a couple...

After reaching our destination, we found some very friendly and helpful FBO staff that gave us a crew car and we were off to the Marriott, which is a fabulous resort right on the water with fantastic brunch buffet and awesome views of the gulf.  The lobby had an amazing sculpture of mermaid that I couldn't believe was made entirely out of SAND!
See for yourself:

After a very leisurely brunch and hanging out by the beach, we headed back to the airport for the short journey home.  On the way home, Jyoti sat in the front and this time we flew totally direct.

 I was planning to let her try the controls after we reached cruise altitude, but then I forgot!!  (Have to make it up to her next time.)

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  1. Marco Island, FL is tucked away in the mangrove covered islands of southwest Florida's Gulf coast. Marco Island has evolved into a premier retirement and winter vacation destination. Marco Island is a quiet town surrounded by uninhabited tropical islands, lagoons, bays, and the Gulf of Mexico. To the north you will find Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve home to the Briggs Memorial Nature Center. On the south side is the land of 10,000 islands more than 80 coastal miles rich with fly fishing and ecotourism await you. This pristine Florida habitat is home to several small fishing villages. In this region you will also find Collier-Seminole State Park, the 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge, Big Cypress National Preserve, Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve and the 5500 square mile Everglades National Park.

    Marco Island is roughly 25 square miles. Development of this beautiful island was done with an aim to create as much waterfront property as possible. Over 90% of residential homes and condos are situated on canals, bays and wide water ocean views. While the year round population of Marco Island, FL is about 13,000, island population explodes to well over 30,000 during the months of December to April. Naturally, vacationers and winter residents fill up the large inventory of hotel rooms, condos, villas and apartments as Marco Island offers us dependable sunshine and winter afternoon temperatures in the 70's and 80's.


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