Monday, October 25, 2010

East Coast Journey (Day 3)

Today was the most varied (and most intense) day of flying I have ever had!  The day began as a leisurely morning sightseeing flight with Avanni (and her Daddy).
Avanni and her parents (Ronak and Sapna)
As you can see, Ronak got the hang of aerial photography pretty quickly as we flew over Patriots stadium down to Rhode Island and back:

After dropping them back home in Norwood, the drama began.  The first leg was up to Sanford, ME, which was mostly in IMC and light rain.  This landing was state # 29, and involved a GPS approach down to within 300 FT of minimums.
After a quick stop at the cockpit cafe and another weather briefing, I realized I needed to change my route entirely.  Instead of Sanford > Lebanon > Rutland, I ended up going Sanford > Concord > Montpelier.  Weather really forces you to be flexible!  Enroute, was more light rain and total IMC.  This was the view most of the way:
The landing at Concord was another instrument approach to within ~ 300 FT of minimums.  I felt so proud of myself.  (Little did I know what was coming on the next leg!!)
After fuel and another weather briefing, it was time to go Concord > Montpelier.  This involved a flight, where I entered the clouds shortly after takeoff and didn't see the ground till I was on my final descent.  Aside from being the largest continuous segment of IMC I have done, it also involved an flying an LPV approach all the way down to the published min!  This is what it looked like when I finally broke out of the clouds:
I was sooo happy to see the runway!

Other than sunny FL training  days, I have NEVER before flown an approach like that.  (As I result, I know believe that there really is no substitute for "actual IMC")

The actual route flown so far is shown below:

Upto 31 states now!!


  1. You're right, there is no substitute for actual IMC. Reminds me that I need to get current again. Great job!

  2. Having fun following your trip. Great pics! How were the temps aloft? Was the air pretty stable or did you get bounced around a bit? Thanks for sharing and have a great time. Warm and muggy here today in FL! Oh by the way, ForeFlight just came out with another big update. It just keeps getting better with this iPad.

  3. Temps aloft have been cold (to a FL guy) ... In the 30s/40s ... But luckily only had to use TKS once. Lots of IMC this trip ... Mostly light to moderate bumps

  4. G'day, TJ!

    Dropped by on Toria's recommendation. Good luck with your quest.

    Y'all be careful in icing weather with that Cirrus. That low drag airfoil does NOT like to carry ice and if you get surprised the TKS ain't that great at playing catch up.

    Have fun with the Northeast's IMC, and fly safe(ly)!

    Frank (N631S)

  5. Thanks Frank! Being from FL, I definitely don't get much TKS experience. In fact, I have only used it 3 times, 2 of which were during this trip. (BTW, I noticed your blog a couple of weeks ago and have enjoyed it very much)


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