Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breakfast wth JUST Colin

With three, very competitive, little boys at home, the "normal" activity is usually done together with all three.  This is the easiest way I have found to maintain peace and keep things even.  However, today was a special day. Colin's 4th birthday is coming up in the next couple of weeks. 
On or near their birthday, each of the boys gets to do a flight "without brothers".  Sometimes, this is with a friend of their choice; other times just with daddy.
This morning, Colin and I went to Charlotte County Airport in Punta Gorda, FL for a breakfast.   For those of you who have never heard of Punta Gorda, this is where hurricane Charlie made landfall and did a LOT of damage back in 2005.  Luckily, the region has recovered nicely and the airport is a great destination for a Sunday breakfast. 
When we arrived at Tampa Executive airport, as always, there was an unusual aircraft.  My boys and I take pride is looking for them.  Today it was a helicopter that Colin very astutely "found" and declared was "funky" compared to other helicopters he has seen in the past.  Then I realized that I forgot my camera, which I consider almost part of my minimum equipment list!  So we improvised and made due with my Iphone4.

See for yourself:

After sufficiently gawking at the helicopter, it was time for takeoff.  The journey to PGD is a VERY short flight.  (At ~ 70nm, the trip is so short that it is even within the attention span of a 4yo).  Today was a beautiful day and I gave Colin my Iphone and told him to take pictures of whatever he wanted.  Perhaps not surprisingly, his first dozen pictures were of rather mundane things (like his shoes).  Then, believe it or not, he took one really good shot out the window, which is shown below:

After landing in PGD, we parked next to an AMAZING phenom 300.  Had to take a picture...

Colin didn't appreciate it... Instead, he seemed more impressed by the numerous light sport aircraft that were taxiing with canopies open due to the heat.
Then we walked into the Skyview Cafe, which Colin absolutely loved! Any restaurant with planes hanging from the ceiling is winner.

But he found one thing even BETTER:
This is a picture of the look on his face when he heard they have Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes here!!!

After a very "satisfying" breakfast it was time to fly home.  But the trip home was just a bit too much excitement...
After takeoff, it was time for a quick snooze (only for Colin NOT me)
Hopefully, next birthday he can stay awake for the whole trip.

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