Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dinner in Key West

One of my favorite destinations for dinner is Key West(KEYW).  From my home base in Tampa, the trip is ~1:15, which is a perfect distance for a flight down right before sunset, followed by dinner in Mallory Square and a peaceful, night flight home.

The pictures below are from a trip a few months ago... But, I happen to stumble across the pix and thought it would make a good post.

My usual route is down along the west cost until just south of Naples then a short jump over the water.


 Leaving just before sunset and flying down the west coast of FL makes for some amazing flightseeing!

There are lots of uncrowded beaches and little islands.

Some of the islands are uninhabited... While others have amazing beach houses built right next to the sand.

All of the photo opps can put a smile on any pilot's face!

Getting close to EYW now... Here we are on the RNAV (GPS) 9 approach.  Note the PAPI lights are showing right on glide slope... OK not that impressive I know... But my passenger that day was sufficiently impressed.

Check out the video of the landing below:

After some great Cuban food, time to fly home... I really like night flying... But I haven't figured how to take good pix at night yet.  (Need some more practice)

Now time for a night landing back at home:


  1. I would love to make this trip but it's almost four hours roundtrip in the 172 I fly, and about 3 hours roundtrip in the 182 I fly. Plus I'm only vfr with no instrument rating yet.

  2. As far as duration, agree that is a long way just for lunch/dinner :-( But I encourage you to pursue the instrument rating. Not only will it make you a better pilot, it will enable you to use your plane(172 or 182) as "reliable" transportation and open up many cool, new destinations.

  3. I plan on starting my instrument soon. I rather get hands on imc conditions during my training instead of doing ifr in this beautiful weather we have been having lately. What are some good destinations around in florida that have some nice lunch fly ins?

  4. There are a BUNCH of good places to fly to for lunch in FL... A couple of my favorites, which are not that well known, are shown below:
    1. 40J (Perry Foley)Awesome BBQ place called Goodmans. No crew car. But restaurant will actually pick u up!!
    2. FPR (Tiki restaurant on field is good. Plus this is common launching point for bahamas. So lots of cool plane watching)
    3. VNC (Honoluana Island Grill on field is gr8)

    The ones that are well known can be found here:

  5. Ok cool thank you for the info.

  6. Stopped in there in a G-III last year coming back from Antigua. I would love to do it in a smaller plane and a more leisurly schedule. Good for you TJ! Great blog.


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