Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trip to Chicago (May 2010)

Fairly typical route KVDF>CTY>KSYI (Fuel Stop) > KDPA.

Weather forecast was not very cooperative. (But still safely within my comfort zone.)

First leg of the journey was very smooth and uneventful.

As you can see from the R9 moving map, All of the ugliness was just beyond Shelbyville, TN.

After leaving Shelbyville, it got a lot more interesting.

Thanks to the vector mode of the R9(and some cooperative ATC controllers), I was rather easily able to weave my way through the ugly weather.

Despite being in the middle of the afternoon, I was in such solid IMC, that it felt like night flying!

Finally out of the clouds (sort of... At least enough to notice how much flat farmland is in the midwest)

Some cool airport (don't remember which one) Looked like a runway inside a stop sign to me...

Getting close to Chicago (could barely see it through the haze)

Finally arrived safely @ KDPA (Dupage County)... Nice shiny, new FBO building huh?

Thanks for following along!  Cheers!!


  1. Coooool! My flights to Chicago (actually just north of it... to Oshkosh) were a lot shorter than yours! Of course, flying across Lake Michigan was pretty neat; overwater for a long time w/o being able to see any land.

    ps: You need to add a "States Landed In" counter to your page! :-)

  2. Great Idea on states landed counter!



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